Slow Craft: How a Photo Artist Built a Home for Analog Photography in Saigon (saigoneer)

The digital age is in full swing, and photography its loyal servant. The last century has seen the art form seamlessly transform several times, allowing itself to be reframed and repurposed time and time again.

Smartphones and DSLRs occupy the fingertips of a generation who create, curate and circulate images continuously on Instagram and numerous other platforms. Its power to communicate instantly is unrivaled, making it the natural choice for articulation in a fast-paced modern world. This has led to a freedom of image sharing like never before.

However, where has this surge in creative output left the analog practitioners of photography’s golden age, and is there any place for them in vibrant, modern Vietnam?

With his work, his words and just about everything he does, Pham Tuan Ngoc, a photo artist and founder of Noirfoto, is making the case for analog practice in the modern world.