Noirfoto Studio/ Studio for rent

in Thao Dien, District 2

Open space studio with quite and relaxing garden in Thao Dien. Equipped with 5 LEDs and plenty of natural light, the studio is ideal for shooting movies and analog video. Studio space is suitable for portrait, nudity, family, as well as lookbook or product shoot. All continuous lamps do not require cable or activation which is convenient for movie shooting with old or multiple cameras at the same time.

The garden that connects to the studio with lawns, big trees, fresh vegetable and flower pots, and tubs, fountains and outdoor tables offers plenty of interesting posing corner that no inside studio can afford as well as keep the privacy and isolation.
Furthermore, the studio offers the best darkroom for black-and-white film at a discounted with instant white and black coated film

– Area of 60m2 in the house, 80m2 garden
– 5 LEDs, 5 strobe
– Octa, softbox, beautydisc, umbrellas, reflectors
– Black-and-white paper and fabric fonts
– The open space in the west and south fullfilling sun and wind, natural light in the morning and strong afternoon
– Electric fan, bluetooth speaker, dressing, makeup area

Rent cost:
– VND500k / session (maximum 5 hours without lights)
– VND700k / session (maximum 5 hours, with lights)

Promotion: For black and white film studio renting, you will get 40% off when using coating service at Noirfoto Studio as well

Morning: 7:00-12:00
Afternoon : 13:00-18:00

199bis Nguyên Van Huong, Thao Dien,