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Artist Call Out



Noirfoto Darkroom is Ho Chi Minh City’s only open access darkroom, a space that focuses on the process and craft of analog techniques. A one stop solution for everything relating to black and white photography, our space includes a studio and professional darkroom equipped with state of the art equipment for silver gelatin printing and alternative processes.


Promoting education and enjoyment, we nurture enthusiasts, amateurs and experts of all ages through our program of workshops, courses, events, and one on one tutorials.


To act on our ethos of providing an accessible and diverse space to produce and engage with art, we’re expanding to include an onsite gallery.


Launching November 2018, we’re looking for proposals for our 2019 program of exhibitions, on a rolling basis. We encourage artists working in any medium to apply.


Solo and group proposals from practitioners at any stages of their career are welcome, and will be considered on merit and the strength of the proposed exhibition.


Please download the application guidelines and submission form here  and send all submissions to